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Thanoris has taken over the world and your legion is being attacked by his soulless troops. It is now up to you to push back his army and prove your self in the eyes of your legion and make your father proud.

 Lion Legion is a 2d , spam tap, hack n slash game with a simple yet addicting game mechanic and an original sound track to keep you the player interested.

Install instructions

Proceed to download the installer and with only couple clicks you can download the game and play it for your self.Completely safe and virus free simple game.


Lion Legion 1.1v.zip 23 MB

Development log


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I love it! The controls are tight, the difficulty is well scaled, and the graphics and sound are great. It's a simple and very satisfying game to play. I think one thing that can be improved about the game is the addition of upgrades or some kind of goal for the player besides surviving for as long as possible.

Thank you for support and comment!I will definitely keep that in mind when working on ascendeds full version (That will come out here as well) and other games.Really appreciate it and i hope you stick around to see the big story unfold.